1. Scott Nielsen

    Environmental stakeholders warm to Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology

    Sharing research could help create innovative energy, forestry policies

  2. Jens Walter

    Modern sanitation may reduce bacterial diversity in our gastrointestinal tract

    While sanitation reduces the spread of pathogens, study suggests it also reduces the transmission of potentially beneficial gut bacteria

  3. David Olefeldt

    Thawing that abets climate change will occur over decades and centuries

    Researchers predict gradual, prolonged release of greenhouse gases from thawing permafrost

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In the News

  1. Canola growers get grim warning on clubroot threat

    Article cites plant pathologist's Stephen Strelkov's recent research findings, which suggests that the clubroot population has shifted to overcome resistance bred in different canola varieties.

  2. Carcass data important for seedstock research

    Postdoctoral Fellow John Crowley provides comment in an article that discusses how access to carcass data as well as other production information through the Beef InfoXchange System will be an invaluable tool for cattle breeders, geneticists and beef researchers in their efforts to build a better beef animal.

  3. How the guts of remote Amazon dwellers are different than ours

    Despite the advantages of our western health system, including ready access to clean water and medicine, a new study suggests we have lost something along the road to modernization.

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