1. Betty Donald

    ALES mourns loss of beloved nutrition professor emeritus

    Betty Donald conducted one of the first nutrition surveys in Alberta; established several scholarships

  2. Laurel Perrott

    ALES grad students take home first annual Alberta Barley scholarships

    Students impress with high-yielding practices and disease-prevention research

  3. Katie Wyering

    ALES students win Alberta Wheat Commission scholarships

    One graduate student and one undergraduate student will share $11,000.

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In the News

  1. B.C. sparks controversy by bringing back wolf hunt

    Stan Boutin, ALES biological sciences professor, comments on the merits of predator control measures as part of a larger conservation plan, in this case to recover caribou populations

  2. Edmonton Food Notes

    Those with an interest in urban agriculture and community development may want to catch a fascinating speaker at the University of Alberta on Thursday, Jan. 29. Novella Parker will give a lecture in room 2-490 at the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy at 11405 87th Ave. from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

  3. Clubroot continues to spread across Alberta

    University of Alberta plant pathologist Steven Strelkov is cited in article on the proliferation of clubroot, a soil-borne disease that causes premature death in plants, in Alberta canola fields. Strelkov said discovery of more strains of clubroot overcoming resistant varieties is a worrying trend and cautions farmers not to grow resistant varieties in close rotation in heavily infested fields.

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