1. Carley-Jane Stanton

    ALES student among three Rhodes Scholars-elect from the U of A

    Student will begin prestigious two-year scholarship at Oxford next September

  2. Debra Davidson

    ALES sociologist to speak on climate-smart agriculture during upcoming Paris climate conference

    Debra Davidson will have ears of policy-makers at a major COP21 side event

  3. Miles Dyck

    Soils and polyols projects win top Alberta science honours

    ALES’ Breton Plots and Lipid Chemistry Group each earn ASTech awards

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In the News

  1. Fires rapidly claim more forests and peatland in the Arctic

    E&E Publishing - Mike Flannigan, director of the Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science, located at the University of Alberta, comments in this story about a wildfire that claimed a home near the Hoarfrost River.

  2. Beef carcass quality in the eye of the beholder

    Canadian cattlemen - There’s no question that feed can be used to manipulate carcass composition and quality. The ultimate question is what market you want to target. ALES' Heather Bruce, associate professor of carcass meat science is interviewed. Story also runs in AgCanada.

  3. Fair division of household chores can help your sex life according to U of A study

    CBC - Human Ecology researcher Matt Johnson has published a new study that shows that men who offer fair contribution to household chores enjoy more frequent and better sex, both for themselves and in improving the sex life of his female partner. Covered by many media outlets including CTV, Global, the BBC, the Independent, Huffington Post, Science Newsline and more.

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