1. Yvette Thompson

    Taking the next step

    Fifty-eight ALES students receive degrees at November convocation

  2. Ben Willing

    Faculty hosts annual awards celebration

    Teaching Wall of Fame grows by 25; staff and alumni honoured for outstanding contributions

  3. William Shotyk

    Heavy metals in Athabasca River comparable to levels in bottled water

    Samples analyzed in newly unveiled $4.7 million ultra-clean lab

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In the News

  1. U of A profs duel over lead study

    A study from the University of Alberta research team led by William Shotyk confirms the levels of lead and other heavy metal in the Athabasca River are comparable to bottled water and streams in Algonquin Park. But the study is being called misleading by David Schindler, ecology professor at the university.

  2. Prospective grading tools could add convenience to the beef industry

    University of Alberta professor of agriculture Heather Bruce and her team have developed handheld tools for grading beef. Bruce says she believes the tools, which detect coarse fat and intramuscular fat in raw beef steaks, can be adapted to grade other meats.

  3. Oilsands lead not seeping into rivers, lab tests show

    New research suggests that heavy metals released from the oilsands aren't finding their way into nearby rivers. U of A professor Bill Shotyk is interviewed about his study’s findings.

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