1. Paul Stothard

    ALES dairy genomics program receives major funding boost

    $10.3 million grant funds program to increase feed efficiently and produce less methane gas in dairy cattle

  2. Micahel Dyck

    ALES swine researcher shares in multi-million dollar funding to develop genomics tools to manage diseases

    $9.8 million grant will also be used to increase meat quality

  3. Edward Bork

    Grassland researchers help settle global debate on biodiversity

    Plant diversity does peak at medium-level productivity

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In the News

  1. Ashley Madison hack unlikely to dissuade cheating spouses

    CBC Radio (Edmonton AM) - Family ecology researcher Matt Johnson discusses the recent hacking of the infidelity website Ashley Madison, which claims it has 141,000 members in Edmonton. Johnson says while many of them may be scared that their membership may be made public, he doesn’t think it’ll stop them from looking.

  2. Canadian dairies to increase feed efficiency and reduce methane

    US AgNet - A project led by Genome Alberta and the Ontario Genomics Institute will help industry growth by using genomics-based approaches to select for dairy cattle with the genetic traits needed for more efficient feed conversion and lower methane emissions. A research team is led by Paul Stothard from Livestock Gentec at the University of Alberta and Filippo Miglior of the University of Guelph.

  3. Okanagan residents learn to live with threat of fire

    Toronto Star - With western provinces experiencing a massive volume of wildfires this year, experts and politicians agree this is the new norm. ALES wildland fire professor Mike Flannigan comments. Story also runs in

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