1. REES students informed by local producers

    Students see first-hand how technology is being integrated into farm practices

  2. Michael Ganzle

    Food science team finds key to tasty salt-reduced bread

    Sourdough made from specific bacteria does the trick

  3. Cathy Chan

    Hulls of pea seeds lower blood sugar levels considerably

    Researchers seeking full patent on two processing methods

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In the News

  1. Camelina shows value for broilers

    Ontario - A new study with broiler chickens shows that supplementation with a multi carbohydrase enzyme formulation can substantially boost the nutritional power of camelina meal, a unique feed source on the rise in Canada. Ruurd Zijlstra of the University of Alberta helped conduct the study.

  2. Leak exposes thousands of Sudburians

    Sudbury Star - Matthew Johnson, a relationship specialist in human ecology at the University of Alberta, comments in about the Ashley Madison leak, which has revealed more than 4,770 hits using the keyword Sudbury. However, it should be emphasized this does not mean each account is real, nor does it indicate there are an accompanying number of people in the Nickel City stepping out on their relationships.

  3. Organic matter helps in drought

    Western Producer - Management and moisture are key for forages to survive drought, says the research co-ordinator for the Breton Plots.
 And with 86 years of records, the University of Alberta’s grey wooded soil research plots near Breton, southwest of Edmonton, have the historical data to prove it, said Dick Puurveen.

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  1. International Student Campus Check-in

    August 10 2015

  2. New Student Orientation

    August 31 2015

  3. ALES Orientation

    August 31 2015

  4. Project Serve

    September 19 2015

  5. Canadian National Forest Week

    September 21 2015

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