1. Cara McLean

    Capstone projects give graduating ALES students a market edge

    Solving real-life problems hones skills employers seek

  2. Erin Lewis

    Health of immune system of babies tied to moms consuming a specific type of choline

    ALES researchers find they need a form found in eggs, beef and chicken

  3. Sylvie Quideau

    US science journal films protocol of ALES researcher

    How-to videos a burgeoning trend in how scientists communicate

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In the News

  1. Laser beams and breathalyzers used to measure cow burps for climate science

    CBC News - ALES researchers have helped develop a novel method for measuring the methane emissions of cattle using laser beams and breathalyzers to measure cow burps and ultimately reduce their GHG emissions. ALES adjunct professor John Basarab was interviewed by CBC Radio’s Calgary Eyeopener and Edmonton AM and appears in Yahoo! News Canada.

  2. Caring for caregivers is a win-win proposition

    In an article penned for the newsletter of the Covenant Health Network of Excellence in Seniors' Health and Wellness, Janet Fast argues that family caregivers need more public support and outlines what a comprehensive national caregiver policy strategy needs to succeed.

  3. Mountain pine beetle research helping forests recover

    Peace Country Sun - Story about the mountain pine beetle highlights research being conducted by UAlberta forestry researchers Ellen Macdonald, Vic Lieffers and Mike Flannigan and the recent Mountain Pine Beetle and Stand Rehabilitation Research Forum and Field Tour.

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