1. Urban farming demystified

    Local experts shared how-to secrets at weekend panel

  2. Martin Zuidhof

    Genetic selection key to remarkable growth of chickens

    Broilers are four times bigger than in the 1950s, ALES researchers find

  3. Betty Donald

    ALES mourns loss of beloved nutrition professor emeritus

    Betty Donald conducted one of the first nutrition surveys in Alberta; established several scholarships

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In the News

  1. Interest in urban farms on the rise in Edmonton

    As the city wraps up pilot projects in beekeeping and urban hens, the U of A’s Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences continues to examine urban agriculture in Edmonton

  2. B.C. sparks controversy by bringing back wolf hunt

    Stan Boutin, ALES biological sciences professor, comments on the merits of predator control measures as part of a larger conservation plan, in this case to recover caribou populations

  3. Edmonton Food Notes

    Those with an interest in urban agriculture and community development may want to catch a fascinating speaker at the University of Alberta on Thursday, Jan. 29. Novella Parker will give a lecture in room 2-490 at the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy at 11405 87th Ave. from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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