1. Debra Davidson

    New South Campus garden grows conversation on food security

    Prairie Urban Farm encourages Edmontonians to create their own food safety net

  2. Stacey Seufert

    Pulse Pops tops them all

    Team of ALES students wins national food development competition

  3. New CAIP chair examines water and land connection in carbon cycle

    University of Guelph export brings expertise in disturbed wetland research

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In the News

  1. Forest fires: Climate change’s new normal

    Driven by climate change and fuelled by a stockpile of debris, the forests of B.C. are headed for another period of frequent fires. U of A wildland fire professor Mike Flannigan provides expert comment.

  2. Lack of genetic diversity threat to livestock

    Column about the need for government investment to preserve the genetic integrity of chickens highlights the U of A’s heritage chicken program.

  3. Forest fires impact air quality across Canada

    What’s been causing Western Canada’s recent smog alerts and poor air quality? The answer lies somewhere between forest fires and upwind. Mike Flannigan, wildland fire professor ,Department of Renewable Resources provides expert comment.

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