Growing the Bioeconomy: Social, Environmental and Economic Implications

October 2-5, 2012

Banff, Alberta, Canada

As the bioeconomy expands, decision-makers need up-to-date knowledge to develop strategies and manage this growth.

Environmental scientists, policy experts and scientific leaders will work together in this meeting of the minds to understand the implications of the bioeconomy. Three leading academic associations working on the life sciences in Europe and North America invite you to attend and contribute to a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities relating to the bioeconomy.

Growing the Bioeconomy will address the environmental, social and economic implications of the growth in this sector, following an initial overview of the latest technical developments.  The final day of the conference will be devoted to a wide ranging discussion of what government policies are required to enable future growth in the bioeconomy and to examining what the next steps should be for government, industry and research.

Come and enjoy true Western Hospitality in a beautiful Mountain setting.  Growing the Bioeconomy takes place in the beautiful Canadian Rockies in  Banff, Alberta - the ideal setting for calm reflection and stimulating discussion. Guests will experience a night out at a traditional western Canadian barbecue, complete with a roaring fire, pine slab picnic tables, ol' tyme country music and a hip of barbecued beef served on a pitchfork.  

For further details please see the Conference Program.


Conference Overview

The expected outcome is a shared understanding of the issues of growing the bioeconomy, and shared viewpoints of natural and social scientists, economists and environmentalists.

Growing the Bioeconomy will bring together people from universities, industry, research institutes, and government, across North America and Europe to discuss the technical advances, the economic viability, and the environmental sustainability of the bioeconomy sector over the next decade, and beyond.

The first session will set the context for discussion with a review of the latest technical developments in Europe and North America. Speakers will explain the factors driving the growth of this sector as they relate to agriculture and forestry, and secondary industries such as biofuels, chemicals, and health products.

Against this introduction, the three main sessions will address the social, environmental, and economic implications of growing the bioeconomy.  Each session will include contributed presentations. The final session will bring together the issues raised in the previous sessions and ask what steps need to be taken in addressing the growth of the bioeconomy.


Conference date: October 2-5, 2012

Conference locationRimrock Resort Hotel, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Growing The Bioeconomy 2012