The world's most complex problems will not be solved in silos.  The Faculty of ALES draws on science, social sciences and business, to tackle some of the world's most important challenges. We are a research intensive faculty, with over $40 Million research funding annually, one of the highest amounts per continuing faculty member at the UofA.

The four key themes to the research undertaken at ALES

Bioresource Innovation

Renewable and sustainable solutions to our needs for energy, materials, and products can be provided through biological resources. ALES researchers have expanded the understanding of the science behind bio-based products and are engaging in applied research to create new technologies.

Environmental Sustainability


Wisely managing the earth's resources is the key to human survival, health, and well-being. ALES brings a depth and diversity of research interests to encompass a broad spectrum of scientific and management applications in natural and managed landscapes.

Food for Health

Safe, sufficient and nutritious food for the world's growing population is arguably the greatest challenge that humanity will face in the coming decades. ALES brings together skilled researchers from the agricultural, food and social sciences to address these interconnected issues.

Individual and Community Well Being

This research is central to social and health policy analysis and development and it improves our ability to assess priorities and achieve specific social and health goals. ALES researchers aim to improve the understanding of relationships and actions that affect the nature, quality and well-being of people’s lives.

The Birth and Rebirth of the UBC Farm

Andrew Riseman
Associate Professor and Academic Director
Centre for Sustainable Food Systems-UBC Farm