1. John Acorn

    Inaugural Alberta Butterfly Roundup seeks to confirm or quash recorded sightings

    Everyone can help project that is seeking to document every butterfly species in Alberta

  2. Jack Francis

    Cultivating appreciation for the agricultural past

    Volunteer extraordinaire Jack Francis receives UAlberta Advocate Award for preserving treasures that tell a story of ingenuity and innovation

  3. Agnes Kulinski

    Chicken adoption program hatches free-range learning

    Adopt a Heritage Chicken program wins UAlberta Community Leader Award for involving community in saving rare breeds

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In the News

  1. Environment file

    St. Albert Gazette - In a round-up of science-related stories, ALES entomologist John Acorn put out a call this week for Albertans to find and photograph all 173 species of butterfly thought to exist in the province, while wildland fire researcher Mike Flannigan told an audience at a public lecture series that climate change means more forest fires for Alberta, and that means we have to get better at predicting them.

  2. Breeders benefit from carcass data

    Canadian Cattlemen - Carcass data is the real report card on the efforts to develop breeding stock by the seedstock operator, the time and commitment of cow-calf operators to produce a healthy weaned calf, and the management of feedlot operators in taking an efficient animal to market weight. John Crowley, a post-doc geneticist in ALES says carcass data would be a useful tool in understanding how the complex world of genetics influences traits in individual animals.

  3. Explaining beardsand bacteria and us

    Sydney Morning Herald - In an article about the kinds of bacteria found in and on the human body, ALES researcher Jens Walter says sanitation and drinking water treatment appeared to be key contributors to the difference in gut bacteria between people living a subsistence lifestyle in Papua New Guinea and urbanized North Americans.

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