1. Colin Coros

    DNA lab for livestock takes major step

    Delta Genomics becomes full-fledged company, celebrates end of government funding

  2. William Shotyk

    Study shows no lead pollution in the oil sands region

    Findings contradict current scientific knowledge

  3. ALES launches centennial celebrations

    Highlights include panel discussion hosted by Kim Campbell, a 20-minute skit of faculty's history and launch of a book chronicling ALES' first 100 years.

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In the News

  1. U of A ag faculty looks ahead

    U of A dean of ALES Stan Blade is interviewed about the faculty’s future.

  2. Caribou in decline

    Caribou herds across Canada are in decline, whether they be the Arctic “barren-grounds” tundra Caribou, Peary Caribou or the woodland Caribou. University of Alberta professor Stan Boutin is interviewed.

  3. Experts decry lack of long-term research

    U of A dean of the faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences Stan Blade is interviewed in a story about lack of funding for long-term research into agricultural issues.

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ALES Faculty Awards and Christmas Social

Date: December 11, 2014
Time: 2:00 to 5:30
Location: Dinwoodie lounge 

RSVP online here

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