1. Diana Mager

    Processed gluten-free foods have downside

    Study finds higher glycemic loads, fewer micronutrients

  2. Jessica and Jennifer Nguyen

    Twin sisters tie for national science society book award to U of A

    ALES grads’ top marks prompt an exception to the one-winner rule

  3. Haoluan Wang

    Community gardens and farmers markets providing limited fix for food deserts

    Study identifies eight Edmonton neighbourhoods that have food deserts

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In the News

  1. Arcadia Biosciences partners with Phytola to increase soybean oil content

    Bloomberg Business - Agricultural biotechnology company Arcadia Biosciences is launching a research project to develop soybean varieties with increased oil content in partnership with Phytola, an Alberta Innovates Centre based at the University of Alberta.

  2. Behind the GMO Hype

    TV Ontario – REES Professor Henry An provides expert comment on a panel discussion on ‘The Agenda with Steve Paikin’ about how GMOs are used and the disconnect between what the science says and what consumers believe about the safety of genetically-modified foods.

  3. Lack of nearby supermarket creates food deserts in eight Edmonton neighbourhoods

    Edmonton Journal - REES professor Fenq Qui discusses the eight 'food deserts' in the city

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  1. Mattheis Ranch Field Day

    July 10 2015

  2. EnviroAnalysis Conference 2015

    July 11 2015

  3. ALES 100 @ KDays

    July 17 2015

  4. Breton Plots Field Day

    July 30 2015

  5. Project Serve

    September 19 2015

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