BSc in Animal Health

The BSc in Animal Health program provides you with a strong background in basic life sciences with application in animal immunology and infection, animal physiology, nutrition, behavior and welfare, animal production and food processing. Courses that match your interest in the food animal production industry or in the field of companion animals make up the remainder of the program. Experiential learning is also a component of this program.

The competitiveness of animal agriculture in western Canada depends on refinement and continued adaptation of production systems that respond to public sensitivities related to animal welfare and the safety of the food supply. Three majors within this degree (see below) will provide you with enrichment to match your interest and career goals. Graduates of the program are well positioned for careers in the companion and performance animal industries or in the food-production value chain, from primary livestock and poultry production, through to product safety and quality. 

Program Majors

Companion and Performance Animals |Food Animals | Food Safety and Quality  |Pre-Veterinary Medicine Studies 


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"The Bachelor of Science in Animal Health program at the University of Alberta will provide students with an ideal background for application to a DVM (veterinary medicine) program."

     - Dr. Duane Landals Registrar, Alberta Veterinary Medical Association