BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences

  • Develop solutions for environmental issues such as climate change, land and water use as well as biodiversity
  • Explore how interactions between science, society and the economy influence environmental management decisions
  • Participate in local and international environmental field school opportunities to develop hands-on skills
  • Apply your knowledge and skills while completing a fourth-year project-based capstone course that examines issues faced by industry, government and environmental organizations

Program Majors

Conservation Biology   |   Environmental Economics and Policy   |   Human Dimensions of Environmental Management   |   Land Reclamation   |   Wildlife and Rangeland Resources Management

Combined Degree with Native Studies   |  Bilingual Degree with Campus Saint Jean*  | U of A/Yukon College Degree 

Admission Requirements | Career Opportunities |Course Descriptions  Beyond the Classroom

Applications are not being accepted for 2015-16. Please contact the Faculty for any questions.