BSc in Human Ecology

  • Help individuals, families and communities reach their full potential
  • Understand the social, political, economic and cultural context of family and community life
  • Discover how the historic, cultural and personal interpretations of clothing enhance people's lives
  • Explore how textile properties and performance requirements influence clothing comfort, design and production processes

Program Majors

Family Ecology   |  Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture

Combined Degree with Education (Secondary)   

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Core Competencies

Family Ecology program competencies |Clothing, Textiles & Material Culture program competencies


"The education and experience attained throughout my time in Human Ecology has forever influenced the person I am today.  The most important thing of all was getting permission to pursue my dreams.  As a student, at times I felt like my dreams were lofty, were impractical and perhaps naïve.  However, I was taught to be realistic while listening to the driving force of my interests and passions; to pursue what I felt compelled to pursue."
~ Human Ecology graduate